Love to do - not just can do

The profiles I use aim to show the natural passions and energy that a person has and separate what they can do from what they love to do  – allowing them to focus on these areas of talent and preference to make the most of their potential.


I use a unique combination of profiles to help raise awareness of how these instinctive behaviours relate to role, team and performance.


I3 Profile


i3 is a broad-spectrum test. While a traditional personality test will measure just that – and no more – i3 measures additional aspects such as aptitude, working style and preferences, combining these into a powerful individual profile. While a similar result may be achieved with traditional instruments, this would require a cross-correlation of several different tools and would be a far more complex process.


While a traditional personality test such as MBTI may provide a set number of ‘profiles’ to review, i3 produces an almost infinite number - making it virtually unique and extremely revealing.


The i3 Profile has a verbal debrief making it even more personalised and helps to identify natural ability and talent.


From a simple online assessment the report gives an insight into instinctive preferences and behaviours and how these impact on roles and relationships.




Strengthscope® is the world’s most complete and innovative strengths profiling system. It helps identify natural energy and drive and challenges the assumption that all good performers in a specific role achieve their results in the same way using a specific set of competencies.


The system is backed by 10 years of research and has been independently verified as being an accurate and reliable measure of work-based strengths.


Strengths are defined as underlying qualities that energise you and that you are great at - or have the potential to become great at.  Engaging in discussion about strengths provides the basis for rich and revealing conversations and the ability to realise outstanding performance.

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