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The i3 profile is a tool developed to identify people’s ‘individual instinctive indicators’ - hence i3. The assessment is carried out online and takes around 10 minutes to complete.


Most profiling or personality assessment tools available place people into predetermined types or quadrants. What makes i3 different is that every person’s profile is unique to them with feedback delivered verbally by an accredited i3 Profiler.


By becoming more aware of their dominant instinctive indicators, people are empowered to feel more confident in who they are and what they have to contribute and employers can ensure they are in the best environment to succeed.


Feedback given is constructive, personalised and specific and looks at how the understanding of preferences can be used to build more effective relationships. In addition any cautions that could hinder this development are highlighted, enabling a better understanding of interactions.


Team Profile

Individual profiles can also be reviewed in the context of the broader team profile, which shows each team member’s indicator mix in relation to every other member in the team. This information is invaluable to managers and leaders as they aim to get the best from their team.


Potential areas of conflict can be identified and proactive solutions put in place. Managers are amazed at how this basic awareness improves the overall team dynamic immediately. Once the team profile is in place it also becomes extremely useful to profile potential team members to ansure they are the right fit.



There are many ways that companies assess potential employees for different roles. Most decisions are based on matching academic knowledge, experience and skills with the job description, whilst attempting to evaluate whether they are a ‘fit’ for the company and the team.


Sometimes companies get it right and sometimes they don’t – resulting in consequences that are often far-reaching and almost impossible to undo.


By understanding the profiles of your existing team, and then having prospective employees profiled, you are able to make a more informed assessment of the behavioural traits and strengths within the team and therefore be better equipped to decide who is the best fit. Not only that, but you then have an immediate deeper understanding of your new team member and can make sure are placed in the best possible environment to succeed.

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