Strengthscope is a revolutionary assessment tool that provides comprehensive measurement of an indivdual's strengths and the extent to which these are productively applied at work.


Strengthscope is a psychometrically robust tool developed by The Strengths Partnership. The Strengths Partnership is dedicated to helping individuals, teams and organisations unleash the power of their strengths at work.


The notion of adopting a strengths-focused approach has a long history, recently gaining momentum through the positive psychology movement. Its roots are diverse and span management science, psychology, and philosophy. The psychologists started out by conducting a comprehensive review of scientific research into strengths and peak performance at work.


The aim was to create a tool to measure performance-relevant occupational strengths. Strengthscope is the result of that work and provides a model and measure of strengths that is directly relevant to 21st century organisations. 

The Strengthscope model comprises 24 strengths which together produce a strengths profile. They can be grouped into four strength clusters.


The Strengthscope product suite comprises a self-assessment questionnaire, a multi-rater module and a team module, all delivered via the same user- friendly online interface. 

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